Thursday, September 29, 2005

Once I Flew

The past couple of days have been good days. I've been going to classes, and feeling happy about them, and I've been sleeping, and eating, and spending some time with my roommates. And I'm just feeling ecstatic about how comfortable I feel in Parts Unknown. It's good. My room is generally kept clean and pretty looking, the campus is cozy and nice, the town is lovely right now. They have seasons here, like, where the leaves on the trees turn colors, and fall off. It's so pretty to see the carpet of dead leaves on the ground. Probably I wouldn't think they were so pretty if I had to take care of a yard and rake them up and stuff, but just to look at them is so gorgeous. This weekend I'm going to go and see another city somewhat north of here, which is apparently even lovelier than here. And I might be going to my roommates' hometown for Thanksgiving, which should be interesting. Or I may just stay here and be lonesome by myself. We'll see. But autumn is my favorite season right now. All pretty and brisk-feeling.

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