Saturday, October 9, 2004

to sleep, perchance to dream

i've been having some really oddly themed dreams lately, and it's getting a bit disturbing. the theme of several of my dreams of late has been this: marriage. i am not married. i am not engaged. i am not even in a relationship. but for some reason, i've been dreaming about being married, and i'm getting a little freaked out. they're not particularly nice dreams, either. i had one last night that i agreed to marry some guy that i barely even knew, and that it was the day of the wedding. i was frantically trying to get ready, trying to find someone to do my hair, and freaking out because i hadn't bought a dress yet. and during all this franticness, i realized that i didn't even know this guy, much less love him. but i had already agreed to do it, and i was running around in some wedding dress that i somehow got at the last minute, trying to figure out how to keep myself from making this mistake while at the same time not being horrible to the guy by breaking it off on the day of the wedding. i eventually decided that since he was of my faith, and since he was generally spoken highly of, i should just marry him. my dream ended just as we got to our new home. i awoke all sweaty and upset, thinking, "how could i mess up my life like that, take such a big step in life without even dating him first, getting to know him, seeing if i was even attracted to him?!" i was stressed all today, still feeling that i had totally messed up my life, and not realizing that this horrible feeling was due to the dream, which SO DIDN'T HAPPEN. i still feel shaky just thinking about the dream. it was stressful and disturbing and upsetting. all this about something that's supposed to be such a great and wonderful thing. i don't want to dream about marriage again.

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