Sunday, March 21, 2004

whee! my first post! this sure has been an interesting week. i went hiking, went to work as usual, went to my very first concert, and started a blog! plus i finally had a break from school, which was nice. the concert i went to, since i'm sure you're all dying to know what it was, was Flogging Molly. i'd never really listened to them before, but my sister was going, and i decided to have fun during this, my first college spring break. so we went and i had a blast. afterwards, i decided i really liked their music, bought a shirt, and got matt hensley and dennis casey to sign it :). what was even better was that my story of it being my first concert interested dennis! we talked for a little bit, and he hugged me and thanked me for coming! fun fun... so today i went cd shopping with my sister, and i bought their cds, and i've been listening to them every since. man they're good! i'd better go now, cause i do have to go to church in the morning, and it's 2:30 now. hopefully i'll remember to keep this blog alive, and have enough fun experiences to keep it interesting for anyone who happens upon it :). goodnight for now!

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