Thursday, March 25, 2004

dooby dooby doo... not the most eventful day. school was alright, except for the class that we always come out of wanting to shoot ourselves. i swear, either he goes into the most boring lectures, stating the same thing over and over again for 50 minutes, or he shows us a movie that gives such a depressing, grim outlook on the world that we become suicidal. today's movie: evil superbacteria that grow and spread in hospitals, that are completely immune to antibiotics! yay! we're all going to die, and if we go to the hospital, it'll just speed up the process! what fun! i enjoy this class so! if it wasn't for the fact that it has no tests, finals, or papers, i'd certainly have dropped it. it's just that, a class where you get the full points as long as you answer ten stupid questions over email each week is too good of a GPA opportunity to let go, no matter how depressing it is. bought some pants at old navy during lunch (mens' loose jeans look like women's jeans when you put them on me, and they're the only ones that make me look good without making me claustrophobic, so yay!). went to work to pick up a paycheck, then hopped over to the bank to quickly deposit my past three checks before going back to work. i got to close with grant tonight, which was nice. we kept on talking about stuff, religion, science, literature... for not having gone to college, he sure is educated. so the night was physically exhausting and intellectually stimulating, which was nice. apparently he's been reading the BofM i gave him, or at least looking at the pictures, cause he was commenting on how ripped mormon and moroni were- hehe, he said that they looked just like this one wrestler on tv. i don't know who he's talking about, but it's funny nonetheless :). anyway, it was a pretty good night overall. however, it was really tiring- for a while at work i became hysterical and couldn't stop laughing. chris accidentally dropped the frying basket on my hand and i just started giggling and couldn't stop for a long time. that made chris and grant laugh, so we all had a good time. but i really am tired, and now i really will go to bed, now that it's 3 in the morning.

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