Sunday, November 6, 2011

Charming People 5: Me!

Hey folks, just so you know, I'm pretty dang charming. Want to know why? Here's some irrefutable proof:

  • I take my banjo with me whenever I go camping. Everyone loves a banjo at the campfire!
  • I donate every year to our local community radio and secretly I call it The People's Radio even though I'm pretty sure not all of the dj's are communists.
  • I sing to my chinchilla every night when I feed her the square of shredded wheat that she so covets. Usually I sing either "Alberta" as sung by Eric Clapton (except I switch out "Chinchilla" for "Alberta") or "Honey Pie" by the Beatles (not "Wild Honey Pie", just the regular one).
  • I had a speech impediment when I was a small child- who doesn't love a little kid with a speech impediment?
  • I make cakes from scratch for the birthdays of everyone in my office.


Uffish Thought said...

Well, I and my roommates are charmed. Maybe you should move up here!

Becky Blunt said...

You are also excellent at encouraging, and at doing that salamander dance.

Stratton said...

Not to mention you listen to three year olds (at least one of them), you make fantastic grumpy man stocking doll faces, love to share good music finds, and oh so much more!!!