Sunday, November 18, 2007

Uh, Meme?

I'm not all up ons the internet lingo, but I think what this means is that I've been made to be a participant in a blogging-type chain letter. Which, frankly, is not my kind of thing, so I'll do the seven "random" things about myself, but I refuse to link to a bunch of other people I don't know. Basically, I will only follow the rules that I feel like following.

So. Random stuff about me.

1. I play the banjo! Tonight we had a hootenanny which turned out quite well.

2. I own two chinchillas. I enjoy rodents as pets; my favorite in terms of cuddliness would have to be rats.

3. I'm kind of sad that I had my appendix taken out when I was ten, because I recently heard that they've finally found a use for it.

4. According to my mother, all of my friends are ugly.

5. Io parlo italiano, ma non bene.

6. I've had 1.33 bikes stolen from me- 1 in Vancouver, BC, and .33 last week at home.

7. I have a painting of a green monkey with a red background over my TV that everyone who comes to my apartment comments on.

Aren't you glad we've had this opportunity to learn boring facts about my life? Let's not do this again, ok?


Nerevised said...

Ha, that's a funny list. So many bloggers been doing this one (short on material I guess) but yours is really funny. Chinchillas and banjos in the same list - who'd have thought. And I think it's hilarious your mother thinks all your friends are ugly.

isabel said...

i'm glad the monkey has a good home.