Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bang Head Against Wall

You know you've chosen the wrong class to take when your research project leads you to believe that a dissertation in another language is a Great Source! The most information you can find! The most relevant scholarly material, and actually, the only scholarly material, out there on your subject.

You know you've chosen your roommates wisely when one of them can translate the most important bits into English for you.

But seriously, if you happen to know of any scholarly approaches to the corrido (a type of song popular in Mexico) that can be found on the internet, I'd be appreciative. And yes, I've already checked out


E Flo said...

Thanks to NaBloPoMo, I have been forced to tag you.

Rachel said...

Wish I could help more with the corridos. :/

My first college roommate was from Mexico. She was a blast.