Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hey, y'all

I'm just checking in from South Carolina, making sure everybody's okay here in the internet. Okay? Okay. We've been here for a couple of days, hanging out with my cousins, aunt and uncle. You can't tell, because I'm typing, but I'm thinking out the words in a southern accent (I thought it'd look like I was trying too hard if I left all the -ing's as -in's, so I typed them normal-ways). Southern accents are fun- all of their words are rounder and deeper than mine will ever be. The other thing I've noticed about the South? Plants. And water. These things are here in abundance. As in, "hey! there's a river!" and "gee, you almost can't see the sky while driving because there are so many trees, and they're so tall." I think if I were to move to a new part of the country, this would be on my list. Tomorrow, back to the desert, where there is no water, and the plants only are as tall as the people looking at them. Sigh.

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