Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I keep writing things that end up being too personal to publish. Like what I wrote just now? It totally helped me understand myself better and work some things out in my mind (one of my few bursts of meta-cognition!), but there is no way on earth I'm putting those thoughts out there for the whole world to see.

So again, I'm forced to leave you with something uninsightful and dashed-off.

Here we go: I like this band (alright, so I don't even know if I like the band or not. I've listened to two songs by them, and I liked those two songs so much that I just played them over and over and over like probably 30 times since last night). But doesn't the guy in the video look like Elvis? No really, please go take a look and let me know if he looks like the King. Because I feel like maybe I'm going a little crazy?


isabel said...

tell me, did i get you into mgmt or was it just amazingly syncrhonistic? because i got into them a couple weeks ago and have been listening to nothing but that album. huh.
and yes, he does look a little like elvis.

ViolaSaint said...

Huh, no. It must've been a strange coincidence, because I heard of them through a different source. Weird.

Anonymous said...

All right, the song is...passable...and the guy has Elvis-style lips and face shape, but without the rather heavily-applied eyeliner, he wouldn't look quite so Elvisy. BTW, what is with the disturbing clumpiness of the white makeup around his mouth? Is he like a leper or something? He needs to speak with an esthetician.

Uffish Thought said...

I vote yes on the Elvis look-alike. My roommate votes "only partially like Elvis."

Also, I like the song. Good work, both of you.

innkeeper said...

Actually, I'm writing about the "uninsightful" part--it doesn't matter so much if WE don't get the insight. But I'm glad that you got the insight through what you wrote. I do that too--I write posts and then realize that I shouldn't publish them. There's value in that as well.