Saturday, December 1, 2007

Feverishly Tired

Ok, aside from it now being three days of rain (apocalypse on its way, maybe?), I'm so glad that Saturday is over. Generally, Saturday is my best friend, but when early morning wake-up times are paired with evening-time boring musical performances, I know it's going to be tough on me. My only condolence for today was the promise of waking up at the sinfully late hour of nine o'clock tomorrow.

I know, I'm so bad.

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isabel said...

whats up with the weathers!
here in paris, we are being threatened with evacuation... some storm?

they have been asking ominously how hard it would be to land the grid in the event of an emergency.
that is something akin to how hard it would be to back up everything you have done all week by hand... and it weighs like 20,000 pounds. hee.

"we can't. especially if its an emergency situation. if we have to vacate the building, we dont want to bring people in to make it vacant.... does that make sense??