Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Strangely, my bestest friend of all time, Uffish Thought, has crappy taste in music. Let me rephrase that, because it's probably not true. Uffish has divergent taste from me. I have come to realize that when she suggests that I go and listen to something by such and such an artist, 7 and a half times out of ten I will not really enjoy it much at all. I've accepted this strange fact and moved on with my life.

Which is why I was so surprised the other day (ok, a month or two ago) when she told me to listen to Regina Spektor, and I listened to it, and liked it! Even more crazy is that that exact same night, I went to my sister's house to photograph her process from girl wrapped in duct tape to girl with a homemade dress form. Guess what cd was playing when I got there? Yup. How funny how that happens sometimes!

So I'm going to play the game here, and suggest some music to the internet in general, via Mimi Smartypants. Psapp, which awesomely enough, has an arcade game where you are a cat on a renegade mission to collect keyboards.

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MustacheBoy said...

Hrm... interesting music. I'm not sure whether I like them yet. Good tip, though.